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Palette Planning Guide and Other Materials

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Here are my top recommendations. 

  • Go to page 9 in my book to the Palette Planning Guide 
  1. Read through the various triad combinations and select the one that you like best or that seems to resonate with you (your paintings, your way!)
  2. Return to pages 7-8 and review the paint and palette information. I recommended one set of tube paints to start with the colors corresponding to the triad you've selected. 
  3. Decide on a palette type based on your budget and preference. 
  4. Refer to pages 5-6 for information about paper and brushes
  5. Visit the Materials Section on my website. (I'm an Amazon Affiliate. You can read more about there here.) 
    1. Order one set of primaries based on the triad you've selected. I prefer M. Graham, Daniel Smith, and Schminke (all offered through my website)
    2. Order a #8 and #20 synthetic round (you should find something on my website, but ask if you're unsure) and a 1" synthetic flat for larger areas.
    3. Order #140 lb cold press paper (any of the brands listed on my website in size desired). I prefer Strathmore 400 series and Fabriano cold press for most uses.
    4. Order a palette or devise one using a piece of tempered glass on white paper or another white surface, white porcelain, or ceramic plates (thrift stores can be a good resource for these). 
    5. Refer to the materials list on page 13 for anything else needed or desired. 

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