Under the Bridge Galleries


The Under the Bridge Galleries are located under the Colorado Avenue Bridge in downtown Colorado Springs. They are open year-round for First Friday and keep varying business hours. They are represented by three separate businesses

Art2Life Free Workshop

Last year I met Alice Sheridan, Alice Sheridan Art, in London. I’ve been following and paying attention to Alice on Instagram – Alice Sheridan and Facebook since 2017. I love her art, her approach to making her art and art business. During our meeting, I asked her what she was doing to grow her art and her art business. Alice is as approachable in life as she is on social media. I remember her first FB Live and thought to myself, “If Alice can do this so can I!”.  I’ve since joined her Connected Artist Club where I receive art and business consulting through online course work, weekly calls, a private FB group, and more.  Regarding my creative development, Alice referred me to Nicholas Wilton, creator of the Art2Life workshop. I enrolled in Nicholas’s free 2020 Art2Life Week-Long Workshop in 2019. It’s a weeklong FREE workshop and well worth the commitment even if you don’t go on to enroll in the full course. I took a leap of faith and enrolled in the 12-week online course. My primary medium is watercolor. But I wanted to take my art-practice and process to the next level. While Nicholas teaches this course in acrylics, it was just what I needed to break away from self-limiting mental habits I’d developed over the last decade working in watercolor. I’m still integrating and transferring the CVP course information into my painting process in watercolor and I highly recommend this program if you, like me, are feeling stuck in your creative development in painting. Check out the free 2020 program which starts on  February 14, 2020.  

Learn the totally new approach to making personal, powerful, stunningly authentic art  

You’re invited to join Nicholas Wilton, the founder of Art2Life, in this free 3-part online workshop: 

It is time to make the art that only YOU can create 

In this free 3-part online workshop, you’ll discover:

  • The 2 crucial but often ignored ingredients of strong, impactful artwork, and how to use them to immediately improve your art
  • A powerful new tool for discerning what your art needs at any given time, and how to correct course when you get stuck or make a mistake
  • How to create more depth and complexity in your art, no matter how much experience you have (hint: these are the keys to creating seductive, sellable artwork)
  • Strategies for refining your unique style and voice, so you can stop comparing yourself to others and make art that makes you come alive
  • A method for making art that feels more spacious, joyful, and personal to you — even when you’re in a funk or short on time

Fri, FEB 14
The FREE ART2LIFE WORKSHOPFree Workshop – Register Here starts.
I will be introducing DESIGN Art2Life Principle #1… And answering questions!

Sat, FEB 15
In the Art2Life Artists Facebook Group regarding DESIGN Art2Life Principle #1 (12pm – 1pm PST)

Mon, FEB 17
I will be introducing VALUE Art2Life Principle #2 … And answering questions!

Tue, FEB 18
In the Art2Life Artists Facebook Group regarding VALUE Art2Life Principle #2 (12pm – 1pm PST)

Wed, FEB 19
I will be introducing COLOR Art2Life Principle #3… And answering questions!

Thu, FEB 20
In the Art2Life Artists Facebook Group regarding COLOR Art2Life Principle #3 (12pm – 1pm PST)

Thu, FEB 20
Live Call about putting it all together – in the Art2Life Artists Facebook Group (6pm-9pm) Special Early Bird CVP enrollment offer

Fri, FEB 21
Enrollment starts for the general public …And the whole team will be answering questions!

Fri, FEB 21
Live Call about putting it all together – in the Art2Life Artists Facebook Group (12pm-3pm PST)
(This is a repeat of #1 for those who couldn’t see #1)

Resolutions for growth are in full swing!

Announcing our newest location for watercolor technique and color theory classes in Falcon, CO, starting January 2020, under the direction of Jana L Bussanich Artist Studio with our instructor, Leslie, Leslie McCrea Art. 

If you are local ( and even if you’re not!) tell your friends in Falcon, Peyton and the Black Forrest areas that we’re heading East with accessible, affordable, high-quality art instruction!

Jana Bussanich Art provides personalized art creation, consulting and Instructional services by highly qualified artists and instructors.

We’ve planned all year for this announcement. Our popular watercolor technique and color theory classes are coming to Falcon, CO in January 2020. Registration opening soon!

Classes Held at Three Locations:

Jana L. Bussanich Art & Instruction

218 W. Colorado Ave. Suite 1111, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 

Cottonwood Center for the Arts 

427 E. Colorado Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Falcon, CO (coming soon)