Essential Materials

At Jana L. Bussanich Art and Yellow Couch, we value accessibility to art-making for anyone interested in learning to paint. With over a decade of experience as a watercolorist and art instructor, Jana has discovered which products are essential to her practice. We hope these recommendations will help you get started on your artist journey. 

Operating on a shoestring? You can make many paintings with one set of primaries, a quality brush, and a pad better quality affordable paper. Start here

Starter Primaries

This triad will give you three primaries that are “just right,” meaning that they don’t lean warm or cool and will yield pretty true secondary colors when mixed.

 Quality Brush

Better Quality Affordable Paper 

 Beyond these basics, the remaining items are hierarchical in terms of frequency of use. We believe that keeping an art journal is an essential part of successful art practice. The Seawhite of Brighton is heavenly to work with, but if you can only afford one journal get the Strathmore.

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