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Jana Bussanich at Cottonwood Center for the Arts!!!


I’m With Her

Rosenna Bakari – scholar, motivational speaker, and social advocate – is the founder and executive director of Talking Trees, Inc., an empowerment organization for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. It is my privilege to work with her on the cover design for her memoir, to provide photographic services and social media support for the launch of her new book.  

Available April 12, 2018 Too Much Love Is Not Enough

Rosenna brings to life the process of healing from early life trauma and unravels the misperceptions and coping styles that often evolve, but no longer serve us as adults. Her achingly honest personal account brilliantly captures her bravery to forge ahead in full self-acceptance. She tells how she relied on unconventional means in her search for the healing she knew was possible. Her story is a beacon of hope for survivors no matter where they are in their healing journey. For everyone else, it is an opportunity to understand why “silence is not a quiet space”.  

Join us for the Book Launch and  Safe Space Day 


Shifting the Paradigm, Changing the Narrative

– Rosenna Bakari



Recent Interview at KCME with host Keith Simon

During my residency at Chateau Orquevaux in France, I had the honor of interviewing with fellow artist, Hege Haraldsen, from the Norway. She is “One girl, one van, one quest. Driving my mobile studio across Europe interviewing artists to get an insight in who they are and what they do” and founder of the Artthou Show . Enjoy!

Artist Residency at Chateau Orquevaux, France

6 September – 19 September 2017


In The Crosshairs, Watercolor on Arches 140# Cold Press Paper

“Just get here”, said Ziggy “and everything will be okay”. As I made final preparations for a month long trip to Europe to include a 2-week residency at Chateau Orquevaux these became words to live by. What does it mean to “just get here” or to “just get from where you are to someplace else” in your life, your work, your relationships? What does it mean to set a goal to “get here” or “there” or “anywhere”? Rainer Maria Rilke said it another way:

“Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books that are now written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.” 

Five years ago I wrote this quote in my art journal and made a commitment to myself to “live the questions” (Who am I? What does it mean? What can it mean? What will it mean?). By living the questions themselves, that distant day is not so far away. It is here. It is now. And I am present to enjoy it.

Who are you? What does it mean? What can it mean? What will it mean? 

Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center Gala 2017

Colorado College


Watercolor – Available

Jana L Bussanich – Regional Impressions

The General, Watercolor with Ink by Jana L. Bussanich©2017


Watercolor – Available


Watercolor – Available


Watercolor – Available


New Watercolor Commission

by private collector in Pacific Grove, CA. Commission your new artwork. Get Quote | Inquire Now

Venice Beach2016

Jana L. Bussanich – New Commercial Work

installed at 408 S. Nevada Ave. Home to Loyal Coffee and future home of the Quad. Commission your new  private or commercial artwork.

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Urban Abstract Photography ~ 66″ x 34″

Installed 2016

New Project, Colorado Springs, CO – Stranger Moments  

An artist/psychotherapist, a filmmaker, two photographers and a musician started asking, “What if we put strangers  together and filmed them having a conversation? What if they found common ground and we were able to showcase the amazing diversity of people living in Colorado Springs? What if? 

Summer 2016 – Continuing

Jana L. Bussanich Artist Residency in France  September 2017 

Chateau Orquevaux 



Chateau Orquevaux

Artist in Resident 2017



September 2016

Intersection: Art On The Streets, Art Downtown Colorado Springs Commission your new private or public artwork. Get Quote | Inquire Now

Awarded 2016

Jana L. Bussanich, LLC travels to the United Kingdom

with Tin Roof Productions and the traveling cast for Pride and Prejudice.  Karen Burnett Hamer, founder and director of Tin Roof, took this locally written and produced musical with a multinational traveling cast to play before audiences in Poulshot and Bath, UK.


Privately owned public art at Blue Dot Place Apartments located at 412 S Nevada Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Giving a shout out to Manitou Art Center  for donating space for the painting of a new public art piece painted by Jerry Lapham.

 As a member of the Blue Dot creative team, Loo and Nicklasson asked Jana L Bussanich, Fine Art Solutions to translate one of the Blue Dot graphic design brand elements into a public art piece.

The finished artwork will be installed on the front of Blue Dot Place apartment building facing Nevada Avenue.

The original graphic design created by Tiffany Schmid of Schmid Studio is the inspiration behind this new public artwork. Working closely with Daniel Jensen, owner of Creative Fabrications and his CAD Designer to break out the layers of the original graphic and to determine the scale of the individual panels, Bussanich has been guiding this process since July 2015. Jensen’s crew fabricated the panels made from  1/4″ aluminum alloy. After powder coating by Creative Fabrications the panels were prepped by Lapham who created an under painting, which was then glazed over using acrylic paint with the vibrant colors of the inspirational graphic. Jerry Lapham is the creative mind behind the final interpretation of these brightly colored organic shapes that appear to twist and move like a double helix floating in the air. In this final stage of the project, the panels are being painted with automotive clear coat by Status Symbol Auto Body. The entire design includes 25 separate pieces. Totaling 119 square feet of metal the art will span an area approximately 12.5″ H x 18″ W on the front of Blue Dot Place. Installed May 2016