Our Instructors

Jana L. Bussanich, Artist, Instructor & Consultant

Jana L. Bussanich is the owner and founder of Jana L. Bussanich, LLC and Jana L. Bussanich Artist Studios & Instruction. We provide high-quality fine Art solutions, creative design, and management of private, commercial and public art, in addition to art instruction and consulting services to collectors and mentoring services to artist’s interested in developing the business side of art. Jana Bussanich Artist Studio is located in downtown Colorado Springs, CO.

Leslie McCrea, Leslie McCrea Art

Colorado Springs-based independent artist, Leslie McCrea, paints mainly in water media: watercolor, ink, and acrylic. She shares her love of art-making with others through her watercolor courses.

Tasha Sprovstoff, Happy Fish Art Studio

Independent artist, Tasha Sprovstoff is a mixed media and mono-print artist inspiring hope after loss.

She is currently focusing her artistic energy on watercolor painting as well as mono-printing and collage art. Her process of printing and collaging is born from the loss of her husband, Nick, who died in 2011. For some time, art didn’t fit into the space of her brain or her time because she had two small children. As she emerged from the fog of grief, she realized mono-printing mimicked the transitions of our lives. Adding new layers of experience as one would add layers of paint to a print. However, what to do with all the prints? She began to cut and rip the prints, leaving a pile of shreds that were unrecognizable just as her life felt after Nick’s death. Those pieces can never be put back together as they once were. However, through collage and by layering something beautiful and whole can be made. Tasha hopes that she can inspire others, who have experienced such a significant loss, to find a way to put the pieces of their lives together again and to thrive.

Read more of her story here.

acrylic | watercolor | Gelli printing | collage

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Elisa Huggins, E. Huggins Creative

With an architecture degree in college and a new second degree in digital media design, independent artist, Elisa Huggins, has been creating and fashioning shapes her whole life. She’s had experience with 1, 2, 3, multiple, and curvilinear perspective points. Specifically, applying the 1- and 2-point perspective requirements of architecture provides a cohesive structure to watercolor shapes and designs. Elisa’s abilities to blend the left-brain logic with the right-brain creation produce an unusual and exciting view of the art world.