Yellow Couch Membership - Join the wait list!

Welcome to the Yellow Couch Community for Artists. The membership is now closed but we will be reopening soon. Subscribe to the Yellow Couch Newsletter to catch our next enrollment cycle. 

My name is Jana L. Bussanich. The Yellow Couch  Community is a new membership site for Artists of all levels who are interested in refining their art-practice within a supportive community of fellow creators. The content provided in this group is designed with you in mind. We are here to respond to your art and art-business needs.

Being an artist is a solitary endeavor. Only I can make my paintings - only you can paint your paintings. It can feel isolating at times, but making our art is just one small part of what we need to master our craft and take our art to the next level.

If you are a painter,  use textiles, work in fiber arts, a print-maker, photographer, or mixed-media artist, we all need community with those who will encourage and support our ideas.

Supporting you to make your art your way is always the goal of any Yellow Couch Artist-to-Artist interaction. 

As a member of the Yellow Couch Community, we are in your corner.