October: Gelli Prints & Watercolor 



Hosted by Jana L. Bussanich Artist Studio
Taught by mixed-media artist Tasha Sprovtsoff

Experience a brand new way to use your watercolors! Use Gelli plates of varying sizes and shapes to create unique, abstract backgrounds on watercolor paper. Then paint with watercolors to complete your artworks. Bring whatever watercolor supplies you already have but even if you’ve never painted, or printed before this class has something for beginners and experienced painters alike! Gelli plates and supplies to use in class included, and you will have multiple, one of a kind pieces to take home with you. Space is limited!

REGISTER NOW: Fee: $69 registration + $20 materials fee
Downtown Colorado Springs, CO 80907 (map) 


Elisa Huggins

November Workshop: 

Perspective & Space Relationship: Elements of a World-Class Painting

Hosted by Jana L. Bussanich

Taught by Instructor Elisa Huggins

Where do these lines converge? What’s on your horizon? Where is eye-level? How do I develop my unique perspective? Perspective drawing. How do you convey a 3D structure onto a 2D drawing surface? Come find out how by signing up for this Perspective workshop hosted by Jana L. Bussanich Artist. Learn to apply the principles of a one-point and two-point perspective in watercolor painting. When out sketch hunting or Plein Air painting, how do you figure what angle should that edge of a structure be? Where do these lines converge? What’s on the horizon or where did it go? Are you looking from below or from above the structure? Learn about the relationships between lines, angles, and edges from your point of view. Also, what about proportion?

REGISTER NOW: Fee: $69 registration + $20 materials fee 
Downtown Colorado Springs, CO 80907 (map) 

February: Back by popular demand!

 Know Your Paints: What’s in Your Palette? 

Have you bought paints that you loved in the store but haven’t used them? Do you puzzle over paint names, whether to use Indanthrone or Indigo? Are you overwhelmed by too many paint choices? You are not alone, but we have solutions!


Leslie McCrea

In this workshop, Leslie McCrea teaches you to identify six attributes of the paints you already own and how they apply to your work. Test your paints while developing a beautiful and useful resource book to keep track of your discoveries.  Additionally, you’ll learn helpful strategies for future paint purchases. Discovering solutions is good, but it is so much more fun to find them with others.

Please join us.REGISTER NOW: Fee: $79 registration + $20 materials fee
Downtown Colorado Springs, CO 80907 (map)