Arts in Society (AiS) Grantee Awarded $30k 2022 Cycle

Jana L. Bussanich Art

Do you want to paint with watercolor but aren't sure where to begin?


✓ Live painting lessons via zoom

✓ Live open studio painting sessions via zoom 

✓ Live mini-session artwork reviews via zoom

✓ 1:1 art-coaching with Jana L. Bussanich

Over 100-hours of recorded lesson content in the private group online to keep you moving forward between Live sessions. 

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Jana L Bussanich


✓ An artist who paints in watercolor

✓ An instructor who teaches online and in-person watercolor classes.

✓ A creative who founded the Yellow Couch Community and Classroom

✓ An author who wrote, illustrated, and published Watercolor Technique and Color Theory Essentials: Cultivate an Art Practice That Works For You and Your Art (2021)

Artist CV


Yellow Couch Classroom

Online Programs

Yellow Couch Classroom

In-Person Classes

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Travel Workshops 2023


- Laure J.

DEDICATED ARTIST: I have known and collected Jana’s work for years. She is possibly the most dedicated artist I know to her craft, her students, and her values as a perpetual learner. Her pieces meld a sense of place geographically, high dedication to detail, along with touches of whimsy. It is a delight to have her work in my home and office.

- Laure J.

- Ginger B.

I LOVE HER CLASSES: Jana educates me, both in art and in life. When she teaches a technique, she explains the "why" and how it "feels" — i.e., how does it "feel" to move a bead of water across the paper versus a dry brush on the paper. She uses stories of moments from her own life to encourage us in our journey of making art, helping us understand why it's hard at times, why there may be setbacks, but how to keep going and never give up.

- Ginger B.

- Leslie M.

LIFE-CHANGING!: I've studied with Jana Bussanich for nearly six years now, and I can't imagine not studying with her currently. She gave me all the tools I needed to pursue my artistic path, and now she coaches me through my growth as an artist.

- Leslie M.


Artist, out of the box by Greta Andereson Johns and Nick Raven

“Martin wasn’t paroled “just because of the plan” for his internship, Hamer says. “It’s because [Geng] sat in front of Cedric Martin, heard him speak, and saw who he was. She was not constrained by his situation. He was in pretty deep, and people I think don’t usually get parole from there.

“But she saw something, the something that we now all see,” Hamer says.”

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