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 Jana L. Bussanich Art and Yellow Couch is the home of Fine Art painting, instruction, and related services. We create and sell original high-quality Fine Art. 

Creative design; manage commissioned private, commercial, and public art; online classes and in-person watercolor classes. We are based in Colorado, USA, serving clients worldwide.

Jana L. Bussanich believes every person can learn, progress, and appreciate their creative potential through art-making. 

Art creation and its result, which is a product we call Art, produces a sense of place in our homes, increases workplace productivity, and informs us about the culture.  

Interaction with art and the act of creating is an innate human expression. We all need healthy and positive ways to express and connect individually and with others through art. Art creation and interaction give us a language beyond words. It tells a story - it is history - that helps people express, heal, and unite. It allows a moment for shared experiences with the potential to breakdown cultural, civic, and racial barriers.

Commissions: Every aspect of the creative and design process is handled for you, from the initial concept to the final installation when you work with Jana. Clients receive personalized design, art creation, and art management services. Together we find the best solution to meet all your art and design needs.


Jana L Bussanich ~ Artist CV