Arts in Society (AiS) Grantee Awarded $30k 2022 Cycle

Chinatown, London: Lifted

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Do you ever feel like your art is asking to be more, but you’re not sure what “more” could mean? Well, my work has been in transition this year, and this piece, Lifted, marks a new direction for me in my painting. Fresh off the easel Chinatown London: Lifted is what I call a breakthrough painting that lifts me into a new area of work. A recent trip to London and Wales inspires it. It’s watercolor with Swiss-made Neocolor ii water-soluble wax pastels on the lanterns. I made them glow with a glaze of Schminke’s watercolor pigments, in quinacridone yellow and transparent orange, over the wax media.

Size: 24.75″x15″