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Be and Do You

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Thank you for reading my words. Please share your thoughts in the comments. I'd love to stay in conversation with you about these things.

To not express creativity is the practice of self-annihilation, which leads to death as we systematically make ourselves smaller and smaller. Not necessarily physical death, but being cut off from our true identity is a kind of death that eventually takes its toll on our physical, mental, and spiritual health. At the very least, we miss out on the utterly prosperous existence designed for our enjoyment in the harrowing experience of life. But I cannot stop there because of my belief that there is more room for beauty, goodness, truth, and love. We will never run out of space in our hearts or the world for such things, but we suffer greatly for their lack through intentional expression. There is no time to waste! There is no substitute.

The difficulty of making our art is not the skill of painting, writing, or composing. Anyone can be a technician. The problem is in excavating the interior landscape of our souls and understanding how we will bring what we bring in the way only we can convey it.

Create the space you need to be more of who you are, first for yourself, then for others. Be and Do, You. Xx