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Unlocking Barriers to Making Your Art

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Debunking a Myth

A little note about talent - it's an entry point, a clue about natural ability, personal interest, and aptitude. Once talent is exhausted, hard work might be the most defining characteristic of the successful artist.

To the artist, musician or athlete we say, "You are so talented" as if there is some supernatural, unexplainable inherent ease to their mastery of a skill or in developing their craft which is more a product of self-discipline, consistent practice, and hard work than anything else.

To the doctor, the mathematician, the pilot, or business person we do not say, "You are so talented" as if talent were the only explanation for their professional success. Instead, we describe them as hardworking people who are dedicated to their field of study, driven and intelligent; some are even experts in their area of expertise.

There are plenty of talented people who decided not to work past the edge of their ability. Plenty who concluded they had no talent and quit when the work got hard.

Discover and pursue your passion. Work from that place of knowing who you are and what it means. Learn to work at the edge of your ability. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Be a student, always learning, and a Master of what you now possess.

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